Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Restaurant in Philadelphia

Valentine’s Day at Mixto Restaurant Mixto is hosting a very romantic Latin Valentine’s Day experience. Fill out your reservation form below, call 215-592-0363, or reserve on OpenTable. Appetizers Vuelve a la vida    $14.50 Fresh shrimp marinated with peppers, onions, cilantro, mango, avocado lime juice, and clamato juice. Ensalada Dulce passion    $13.50 Mixed greens…

New Years Eve & New Years Day

MIXTO WILL BE OPEN NEW YEARS EVE & NEW YEARS DAY! Beverages of the night: Chandon garden spritz: $13/$69 Argentinian sparkling wine blended. New Year’s Eve Menu Aperitivo/Appetizers Coquillas Rellenas / Stuffed shells $15.00 Coquillas de yuca rellenas de cangrejo / Cassava shell’s stuffed with crab Empanadas $10.00 Empandas vegatarias / Vegetarian empanadas   Ensaladas…

Happy Father’s Day at Mixto!

Happy Father’s day!🥳👨⁠Here at Mixto, We know how special your dad is. So book a table and celebrate with all dads! ⁠⁠You can check our menu, reserve a table, and come with your family to celebrate Father’s Day with a Latin flavor! Reservations: Call 215-592-0363 or Book online

National Martini Day, June 19

It’s National Martini Day on June 19th! 🥳 Book your table or make plans to visit our bar. 🍸⁠ $8 martinis all dayFlavors:⁠Apple 🍏 ⁠Blackberry & cucumber 🥒 ⁠Chocolate & strawberry 🍓⁠⁠Book this day with us, and invite your friends to have fun!⁠